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I’m Jenna. And I am so glad that you’re here! This is the space where I quite literally scribble my story.

My story is a bumpy, but oh-so-wonderful ride. Right now, I am learning to navigate my camera, I am trying to earn a Master’s degree, I am teaching second grade, I am learning how to be a long-distance girlfriend, I am practicing writing about my life and putting my thoughts onto paper with at least a little bit of grace, and I am doing my best to share it all here.

Like I said, it can get bumpy.

I have a sweet boyfriend, whom you will hear about regularly, and an even sweeter black lab puppy who is my latest obsession-and has been for the last two years [follow his adventures on Instagram at @noxyouraveragebear]. These two are a big part of most of my adventures, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am a lover of sunshine and all things yellow.

I am a lover of romance novels and mid-day cuddles.

I am a lover of black and white photography.

I am a lover of hot cocoa and the pouring rain.

I am a lover of cowboy boots and country music.

I am a lover of life and all of the craziness it brings.

My hope is that you find something you relate to or a picture that catches your eye or that maybe you get a good laugh at my expense. I am at a fun, exciting, trying time in my life, so there is no better time than now to share my adventures. I hope you’ll follow along as I figure out who I am, where I am going, and how I do life.


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